An Act of Kindness


Photo Credit: Helga Weber

Weekly Writing Challenge: Honey versus Vinegar

As a retail manager, I meet a ton of people every day.
There are moments when someone walks in and completely changes my day or even my life.

This is a story of one of those moments.

A woman walked into my store with her daughter. They were both animated characters, full of life.  I overheard them talking about their newest Alex and Ani bracelet, which I had wanted for ages, but I couldn’t afford it at that time.

After finishing their holiday shopping, they approached the register and I commented on the mother’s bracelet. I began to tell her it was the one gift I specifically asked my boyfriend for that Christmas, but he didn’t buy one because he didn’t know where to buy them. (He’s not good with Google.) So, I ended up with a massage gift card. Don’t get me wrong, I was very thankful for the massage, but would have dearly loved the bangle.

She laughed and said “honey, when I want something, I just go and get it”.

She left the store with a smile and wave. I walked to the backroom to take care of my dreaded paperwork. A few minutes later, I heard one of my staff call my name.

I walked on to the sales floor and there she stood. My customer was in the middle of the store holding a green gift bag. She walked up to me and said “no woman should ever have to wait on a man to get what she wants”. She handed me the bag and inside was a beautiful Alex and Ani bangle.

I laughed. I wept. I hugged her… multiple times. It was a wonderful experience. I couldn’t believe she would buy such a gift for a complete stranger. Even more touching, it was an American Cancer Society give back bracelet. Little did she know, I lost a friend to cancer just two weeks prior to her act of kindness.

I haven’t seen her since that day, but she definitely left a mark on my heart. That memory reminds to make someone smile whenever I get the chance.



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